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Other Projects

Industrial WW Treatment System Design (Commercial Laundry) : Evaluate existing pH adjustment system and design upgrades.

Industrial WW Treatment System Design (Consumer Care Facility) : Evaluate existing wastewater treatment system, perform treatability study; engineer new treatment system.

Industrial WW Treatment System Operator(Plastic Manufacturing):  Operate wastewater pretreatment system (chief operator)

Silver Removal System from WW (University): Evaluate/operate/replace silver recovery system (pumping station, ion exchange resin, activated carbon) for wastewater generated from the photo processing lab.   


Industrial WW Treatment System Upgrade (Pharmaceutical): Work with city plumbing inspector to modify existing pH adjustment system. Engineer modifications for the system. 

Operation and Maintenance for pH adjustment systems: pH Probe calibration/cleaning, inspections, analyzing pH recorder data, cleaning microbial growth, etc. at several clients.  

Evaluation of pH excursion in Wastewater (Pharmaceutical) Identified processes responsible for pH excursions.  Prepared concept design for pH adjustment system.    


MBBR to MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade (Pharmaceutical) Detailed engineering - preparation of MBR specs and bid package.   


Water Reuse System Design (Pharmaceutical) -Detailed design for a water reuse system for a pharmaceutical client located in Maryland.


Metals Water and Balance Mass Balance (Pharmaceutical) - Prepared water balance and mass balance for wastewater treatment system. 

Wastewater Treatment System Design/Build (Pharmaceutical) - Designed a 5 gpm wastewater treatment system using ultrasound to treat APIs in wastewater.  Detailed design, specifications preparation, bid package preparation, contractor procurement, fabrication oversight, installation oversight, commissioning, HAZOP, and performance verification. 


Wastewater Treatment System (Pharmaceutical) - Engineering support for wastewater system to treat pharmaceutical (infant formula) production wastewater.  Prepared design drawings (PID, PFD, etc.), cost analysis, and schedule.  The system consisted of influent and effluent tank, DAF, aeration tanks, blowers, clarifiers, sludge holding tanks, and filter press.


Wastewater pH Monitoring system (Power) -  Detailed design for pH monitoring system for circulating cooling water for a power plant.  


Algae Removal from Cooling Water (Power) - Treatability testing


Wastewater Treatment Evaluation for Reuse (Power) - Treatability study/treatment alternative for effluent wastewater beneficial reuse.  


Wastewater Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations improvement (Power) - Designed blower and diffuser system at two effluent locations to improve DO concentration in effluent wastewater in order to meet NPDES permit requirements.  

Chemical Treatment Room for Cooling Towers (High Tech) - Designed two chemical treatment rooms for cooling towers chemical feed systems. 


Wastewater Treatment Evaluation (Food and Beverage) - Treatability study/treatment alternative evaluation.  

Neutralization System Design/Build (Healthcare) - Designed and built a neutralization system for hospital wastewater

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