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Wastewater Characterization & Permitting

A 24-hour sampling event exposed that the client facility discharged wastewater to the municipal sanitary sewer with a pH range of 1 to 13 standards units.  This extreme variation exceeded the POTW wastewater discharge limits of 5 to 9 standard units for pH. The wastewater pH exceedance resulted in a compliance order to the facility with the potential legal ramifications of heavy fines to facility shutdown if compliance to discharge standards was not achieved.


GA Engineering and Consulting staff evaluated the existing municipal and industrial wastewater discharges from the facility and made recommendations for the reaching the wastewater discharge compliance limits. 


Our staff determined sources of low and high pH wastewater from the processes. 

The process wastewater characterization along with the process wastewater flow analysis were the tools used to make the recommendations on what type of treatment was required for the facility’s wastewater.  In addition, our staff assisted in the preparation of an industrial wastewater discharge permit for the facility. 

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